Imagine large chunks of delicious, dark, slightly grainy chocolate nestled in a fluffy, milky bun: that’s a schoggiweggli.

These tasty treats were one of our first culinary discoveries in Basel. I may be what some call a picky eater, but in a bakery, in Europe, I’m as adventurous as they come! So when I saw this delectable looking thing in the case, I just had to try it. And try them some more.

yummy schoggliwegliEach bakery and grocery store makes their own version. My favorites, from Sutter, are fierce looking things, with ridges rising from the top like a dragon or dinosaur and a profusion of  chunky chocolate protrusions. The schoggiwegglis from Bachman, on the other hand, are more refined looking, with smaller bits of chocolate and a smoother shape. Not bad, though, not bad.

I’m not the only one who likes them. Even though I am sure bakeries turn out thousands of schoggiweglis a day, if you go too late in the day, especially on Fridays for some reason, they’re all gone.

Schoggiwegglis are particular to the Basel region. At the height of our schoggiweggli addiction (3 or 4 a week!) we were in Wengen and went into a bakery to get our fix, only to find that they had no idea what we were talking about. They had other yummy treats, though, that aren’t available in Basel, but that’s a different post.

There is a Sutter Street Cafe conveniently located at the Bahnhof, making a schoggiweggli treat an integral part of each train journey.  And making it a darn good thing I don’t commute daily!

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