August Abundance

As the pall of September rain falls upon us, I am reminded that just last week we were hiking in the sunshine, and the week before that as well. laden with pearsOur Wednesday walks often take us out through and above pastures, and that day was no exception. Towards the end of the walk as we passed through fields we could see the trees laden with fruit. There were apple trees, pear trees, and plum trees. This being Switzerland, there were, of course, also some cows grazing in the background.

We passed a little stand with plums for sale. Many of the farmers here put their goods out on the honor system. It makes you feel as though you have come across some golden treasure; you never know what you will find. Sometimes there are jams, or local wines, but usually just freshly picked fruit or vegetables. That day it was plums, the small “prune” sort. I had always wanted to try making one of the traditional fruit tarts with custard, and the price – at 2.50 chf a kilo – was more than right, so into the backpack they went.

We nibbled on the plums all week – never quite got around to making the tart. Perhaps next year…


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