My Big Year

My Big Year has nothing to do with birdwatching, though I certainly wouldn’t mind doing some of that in, say, Ecuador. No, my Big Year has to do with reading.

The first book I am reading this year for one of my book clubs is The Goldfinch. At 771 pages, it’s quite the tome.

When I first learned that was the book we would be reading, I groaned. Not because it’s a Big Book but because I found The Secret History, also by Donna Tartt, so incredibly awful that I vowed never to read another book of hers. Yet here I am. It’s amazing what book club can make you read.

Despite my initial reluctance, I am enjoying The Goldfinch immensely and, halfway through, can hardly put it down. Books to ReadWith this Big Book well on its way to completion, I have decided this year to tackle some of the other Big Books sitting on my shelf. They include Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet (802 pages), Freedom by Jonathan Franzen (562 pages) and London by Edward Rutherford (1152 pages).

Wish me luck. Of course, I can always use the books for upper body toning if I don’t quite get around to reading them….

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